2012. 10. 7.

DBMS/오라클] RemoteOperationException_에러_해결방법_리눅스

RemoteOperationException: ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only)
Hi All,

I was trying using Oracle Enterprise Manager to start the database/Listener and when I tried to start the database/listener through OEM i got the following error

RemoteOperationException: ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only)

Later on I discovered that the error was since the root.sh script was not run properly.

Then i tried to rerun the root.sh which is located in $ORACLE_HOME/root.sh the

above error disapperad. It was because the improper permissions on oracle binaries in particular nmo,nmhs,nmb binaries.

Later on after running the root.sh the following permission were giving the nmo,nmhs and nmb binaries

-rwsr-s—   1 root   oinstall     23744 Oct 15 16:17 nmo
-rwsr-x—   1 root   oinstall     46480 Oct 15 16:17 nmhs
-rwsr-s—   1 root   oinstall     17256 Oct 15 16:17 nmb

Here ’s’ stands for that SUID bit is set for this binaries

결론 root 로 로그인

 $ORACLE_HOME/root.sh 실행


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